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Customer Reviews

Choosing the correct instructor for your Driving Lessons in Andover can feel a bit daunting. Here are just a sample of Learn2Drive's more recent successful students. Have a look and see what they say.....

Learn2Drive first time pass

"Andy was fantastic! I passed first time with 2 minors. He was patient and calm with me which helped my nerves. He would talk me through everything before we did it, even with diagrams which was a big help for me as I'm someone who needs visuals to learn. I highly recommend to anyone in the area" Bea Castle

First time and zero faults

"Andy is an absolute brilliant instructor. He was patient and explained everything brilliantly. He was always super reliable, never cancelled any lessons or changed them. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor" Jonathon Noyce

Learn2Drive Test Pass

"Very thorough and nothing but utmost professionalism from Andy. Was a pleasure to be taught by him and I feel he will make you a quality driver rather than just ensuring you are test ready" Jack Smith

Another first time pass

"Andy was always very patient and explained everything in great detail, highly recommend" Finn Parker

First time pass with Andy Winton

"Highly recommended. Andy is professional, reliable and patient. He always made sure I understood what I was doing and always asked if I had any questions. I couldn't have asked for a better Instructor." Rebecca H

Passing driving test with Learn2Drive Andover

"Incredibly patient, supportive and professional. I could not have asked for a better Instructor." Kayleigh L

Passing driving test with Andy Winton

"Andy is a brilliant Instructor highly recommended. He always made sure I understood what I was doing and asking if I had any questions. He was very patient with me and very professional." Alan C

Another first time pass with driving schools in Andover

"Andy is always extremely professional and his method of teaching is highly effective. I passed my driving test first time with his help and would highly recommend him to any first time learner." Nayana M

Passing driving test first time with Learn2Drive

"Having just passed with Andy I can say that I can't recommend him enough. Extremely patient and always asking for any questions and supporting you at every moment. As well as this, he is always clear in explaining what to do and goes into detail helping you to understand. Lastly, due to a change in the law that now allows learners to go onto the motorway I was given the chance to do so which was a great experience! Very good Instructor!" Bradley G

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