Learning to Drive Syllabus

Your driving lessons will all be structured to cover the official learning to drive syllabus in it's entirity. This ensures that you will be armed with ALL of the skills required to drive safely post test.

The structure of each lesson will be tailored to each individual, taking into account your strenghts, experience and any areas that may need to be addresssed.

N.B: Depending on experience and location, the order may alter slightly



  • Main Vehicle Controls & Cockpit Drill 


  • Moving away and stopping safely


  • Steering & road positioning


  • Gear changing, clutch control & hillstarts


  • Use of mirrors, signals & ancillary controls (lights,wipers, etc.,)


  • Negotiating T- junctions & crossroads


  • Building Confidence


  • Dealing with other road users


  • Negotiating roundabouts & mini roundabouts


  • Traffic lights & pedestrian crossings


  • Spiral roundabouts


  • Town/city centre driving & Using SatNav


  • Reversing skills / Manoeuvres


  • Rural roads & driving at speed


  • Hazard perception/awareness


  • Driving in adverse weather conditions


  • Dual carriageway driving


  • Overtaking


  • Emergency stop


  • Basic Maintenance Checks


  • Night driving (where possible)


  • Mock test


  • Post-test driving (e.g: Pass Plus Scheme/Motorway Driving) - Optional